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NCGC - Luigi's Mansion

who the fuck is screaming "HOW DO I BEAT BEAVER BOTHER" at my house. show yourself, coward. i will never tell you how to beat beaver bother

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NCGC - Luigi's Mansion


Post by Dopply » 1 month ago

Howdy ho, it's still the spooky season, so why not celebrate with another classic in the roration I like to play during the frightening festivities, Luigi's Mansion? Part 3 is coming soon (you can also play the sequel, if you'd like). Have fun!

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Post by Ozarhok » 2 weeks ago

Pardon the low quality image, I took this with my 3DS camera


Well I kinda squeaked by getting the best ending. I was getting the first few portrait ghosts in one suck no problem, then things started to go downhill quick after Mr. Luggs. Also missed 3 blue ghosts and forgot 3 more during the power outage.

I'll be grabbing Luigi's Mansion 3 tonight at my Gamestop's 9PM release to continue horrifying Luigi.

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