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Save States: The Great Debate

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Retro discussion. Anything ten years old or older is fair game.
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Save States: The Great Debate


Post by atgonzalez » 1 year ago

I used to think they were lame but then I started I making videos about video games and lemme tell ya, save states are convenient as hell. I am not spending an hour playing a certain part of a game over and over when I could reload a save state to get the footage I need. 

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Post by waymu » 1 year ago

I played Mario World earlier this year to an audience of exclusively two of my friends, and used an emulator. I only used states way farther into the run because I fucking suck at Mario World.

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Post by EggSoldier » 1 year ago

I usually play games on the original hardware as much as humanly possible, but when I do emulate and it's a balls-to-the-walls hard game with few checkpoints and limited continues that put you back to the start of some really difficult levels, I'll use save states. Hell, I often use them in games that do have saving depending on the circumstances, if there's a large gap between save points. Like, when I was playing Super Metroid a few months back on the Wii U, I used save states before boss fights in case I died so I wouldn't have to run all the way back and go through a bunch of enemies.

I cannot second enough how good they are for tough arcade styled games BTW, especially impossibly hard Konami games and Capcom games.

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Post by MAZZ0Murder » 1 year ago

lol I have yet to beat Zelda II without them. Without them I'm deader than dead quicker than I'd like to admit! AT least I beat LoZ eventually without them.


But I never regret using them in the middle of a cutscene or in an unsavable place in the game if I have to get going somewhere.

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Post by Jard » 1 year ago

I’m in the people-can-play-games-the-way-they-like crowd. I have no issues if people want to use save states to get past tricky areas in games.

Personally, even when using an emulator, I try to avoid using save states haphazardly. Having the ability to save anywhere negates the sense of challenge in some cases. When I do use save states, I typically use them at natural checkpoint spots in a games and almost never set one mid-level, though there are definitely some games I have definitely overused save states in, especially older, more challenging games. 

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Post by TechnoCookie » 1 week ago

I only really use save states on games that don't really have a save system, that and if there's a bullshit part of a game, I can get through it easier.

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Post by DarkSparkish » 5 days ago

I agree with Ryan, I myself usually avoid save states when playing on an emulator or when playing a game in a compilation pack. But I still see why save states is included. I see it as a good thing as it can make games with an unforgivable difficulty more feasible. Same goes to games that only give you one life to beat it or games that don't give you any continues. Hell, going back to the game and going right where you left off works too. Save states are also heavily used in Tool Assisted Speedruns as they are speedruns that are usually done frame-by-frame and in case any mistakes are made, TAS-ers can load a save state to undo that mistake and try again. So I see it as a very handy tool for struggling players or for anyone who wishes to save some actual progress and an essential tool for TAS-ers-

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