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Neon Castle Rules

Last Revised Auguest 27th, 2019


Welcome to Neon Castle!

We’re a creative community about video games, with the emphasis on creative. We strive to be a welcoming, safe, and positive community filled with those wanting to discuss their favorite hobby and engage in productive discourse. 

Here we’ll outline some of the forum’s goals, questions, and other information that can be more easily accessed here than repeated frequently.

How to participate:

I. Application

To participate, you'll need to register with your email address. This email address must be verifiable and not a spam email. You’ll also need to be 18 years of age or older to participate. There are no exceptions to this rule. Please also take a moment to read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. By proceeding with your registration, you are agreeing to both immediately.

II. Activation

After you've successfully registered your account, the activation phase starts. Each account is manually activated by a member of the site staff and activation is under our discretion. If your account is not approved, you’re not permitted to create another. If you have any questions concerning the status of your approval, please contact us only at [email protected] Due to availability, your question may take time to be answered by a staff member. Please be patient and refrain from messaging them on other channels.

III. Membership Status

At this point, you are a fully fledged member. Please take the time to read our official forum rules prior to posting. If you would like access to our NSFW section, please post in the appropriate request thread (titled NSFW Restricted Forum Access) requesting approval and a member of the staff will approve you manually. Like account activation, this process may take time so please refrain from messaging staff repeatedly about it. 

IV. One Account Only

Each user is allowed only one account. If you’ve accidentally created multiple accounts, choose one and we’ll delete the others. If you share an IP with another member through circumstance or relation, please give the staff a heads up in your registration message. All other multiple account instances will result in a permanent ban; no exceptions.

Member Etiquette

Neon Castle strives to be an inclusive, welcoming, and positive community. We do not tolerate behavior or language that is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise malicious or exclusionary to identity. Please remember that we’re all actually people and not names on a page. This includes both offsite and onsite behavior; we have a zero tolerance policy for abuse.

The Neon Castle Forum Rules below outline the expected behavior from our users. We reserve the exclusive right to use discretion in taking any action against users who violate the rules, from temp bans to permanent bans.

I. Posting Etiquette

Please be respectful when posting in threads. Don’t be nasty to other users. Don’t make spam-filled, useless posts, otherwise, you risk a ban. Use proper grammar and think before you hit the submit button. 

Don’t argue in bad faith: Healthy debate is welcome. Disingenuous arguments, deliberate ignorance and disrespect/dismissive attitudes towards debaters is not tolerated. Trolling (upsetting other users on purpose), too, is grounds for an immediate account ban.

Read the OP: Please don’t rush to be ‘first’. These posts are empty and don’t contribute to the discussion meaningfully. Poor judgment in this regard will lead to a warning (or if violated repeatedly) a ban.

No drive-by posts: Have something meaningful to contribute. Don’t roll up into a thread with nonsense and then leave. We’d also like to remind users not to derail threads.

Take a break: Seriously, it’s the internet. A good walk is all it takes sometimes.

Spoiler and hidden tags: Don’t be too sensitive to spoilers, but also, use proper spoiler etiquette: wait a healthy amount of time (3 months or so) to start speaking about major spoilers in the open. Clearly mark all spoilers to all content, with tags and in topic titles.

II: Not Safe For Work

Don’t post any content that the average person might be sensitive to. Other than language, keep images PG-13 at best.

No underage sexualization: Don’t post images, artwork, figurines, or any other material, no matter how stylized or fictional, which clearly fetishizes or sexualises characters under the age of 18. This extends to discussions; don’t condone, defend, or excuse the sexualization of children.

Be considerate of others. Many users here browse at work, so take that into account.

III. Other Disallowed Content

Copyrighted material and piracy: Don’t post any pirated or copyrighted material freely, including copy/pasted articles in their entirety. If you believe you are a victim of copyright theft, we have more info (including DMCA takedowns) on the Terms of Service page.

Self-Promotion & Spam: Any kind of self-promotion must be approved by the site staff prior to posting, including projects you are involved with only tangentially. You will be warned if found violating these rule.

Spam, malware, phishing, promotional links and other content-less posts are not allowed. Users will be warned or banned depending on the severity of the infraction.

Hate speech, bullying, harassment and doxing: We have a zero-tolerance policy on hate speech, bullying, harassment and doxing. Any users found to be involved in this behavior, both onsite and offsite, will be banned.

Moderation and Bans

Our staff is made up of a variety of people around the world with different backgrounds and identities. Every staff member has to follow the same rules as the rest of the forum and is expected to behave professionally when representing Neon Castle.

On Neon Castle, we aim to be as transparent as possible, including bans. Ban questions should not derail threads and instead go to a member of the site who will answer your questions privately.

Staff members should be clearly marked by their title and are listed as such on the Members page. An active list of staff is maintained that is linked in the navbar if you are a member and signed in.

I. Warnings

Users are issued a warning when breaking a rule. Most users probably won’t go out of their way to break the rules, but when they do, they’ll be warned accordingly. There are no specific ‘three strikes and you’re out’ rules or anything; users can receive multiple warnings for a variety of reasons, with temp bans accompanying them if needed. If the infraction is severe enough, the user may be permanently banned immediately. If you have a question about your warning or ban, please refrain from airing it in a public space; contact a staff member privately.

II. Banned Users

A user who repeatedly breaks the rules will be temp-banned at a determined length of time, based on past warnings and behavior.

If the rules are broken severely, the user may be permanently (and IP) banned from the site. 
This includes users who intend nothing more than to break the Terms of Service and site rules.

III. Report/Flagging System

If you find a post that has violated the rules, please take the time to report it. Our staff can attempt to be available at all times, but a worldwide forum will still have gaps. You can report posts by clicking the ‘Report’ button on the offending post. Select the appropriate reason for the report, submit it, and a moderator will review the content of the post and issue judgment accordingly.

Please use the report function responsibly. Don’t send reports because you don’t like someone or their arguments. Don’t threaten others with the use of a report, and don’t backseat mod. Failure to use the report feature responsibly will result in a warning or a ban.